The Babes on Pigeon IslandOptional wood surround for the Kiwitub - now made with macrocarpaA child can roll itEasy to transport; also ideal for surfing and divingCan be lifted by two good New Zealand womenSt Clair beach, DunedinLet it snow, let it snow, let it snowCaptain Cook never had it so goodKiwitub is ideal for boatshed decks, wharves, jetties, etc.Sorry, we provide the burners clean but not stunning like this oneOtago University Tramping Club at the start of the Routeburn TrackKiwitub in the mountainsSwanndri - suave and relaxed in all situationsTubbing in the ManiototoKiwitub BurnerKiwitub uses seawater as well as fresh waterKiwitub burner running on firewoodKiwitubs can fly!Slip slidin' awayIf you've got a swimming pool, wouldn't you also want a Kiwitub?Take Kiwitub on the boatAdrian Harris Woodcraft / Mahootus all-wooden hot tubsThe fourth Lake Alta expedition, 2008You can make coffee on it!The third Lake Alta expedition, 2007New Zealand Alpine Club climbing camp 2006Sharon is a Danger to ShippingSt Clair beach, DunedinWell, it IS remarkableI did it, Judge, everything went blackKiwitub DIY wood surroundHannah with the Kiwitub burnerEnd of the snowy weather - Kiwitub on Treble Cone skifieldIt’s not just waste space: lots of gear storage in the tub.The original tub at BannockburnKiwitub warming up SCUBA diversCoast-to-Coast race 2004Kiwitub in the middle of Otago HarbourCamping and outdoor catering - a barrel of hot washing water in about 10 minutes!Dunedin Mid-Winter Swim 2005Tub at the beach with kids and dogFloats amazingly wellKiwitub can be lifted by four mountain unicyclistsKiwitub in the great New Zealand outdoorsThe first Lake Alta expeditionKiwitub gas burner makes a brilliant barbecue!Tubbing in the ManiototoThe Kiwitub burner also heats swimming pools, paddling pools, spa pools, water tanks, and lots of other thingsOtago University students in the pinkKiwitub warming up SCUBA diversHarry's tub with GrandmaHot tub invaded by aliensHave tub, will travelNick and Jane on Pigeon IslandSharon with Sea Lion