Kiwitubs can fly!

Kiwitubs can fly!
In 2011 I got rung up by Over The Top helicopters in Queenstown. Every autumn they run the Mile High Rock Concert in a natural amphitheatre near the top of Cecil Peak, with live musicians playing Pink Floyd's greatest hits, and gourmet food and wine. They'd like a Kiwitub up there so punters could warm up after swimming in the big tarn, and would I like to come? Is this a trick question?

So the Kiwitub was airlifted up the day before - burner, flue, etc. packed inside. However the winds came up and the party was cancelled. Bummer! Also unfortunately, the lid fell off the tub on the way down - and it's still up there somewhere.

Now we make them seriously tough, and it's probably fine. I'd like to find it so I can state that we test our lids by dropping them from helicopters. So I organised an Alpine Club trip up Cecil Peak (1,978m) a month later, ostensibly to climb the mountain, but also to look out for the lid. It's a long haul up from Lake Wakatipu to the top, let me tell you - nearly 1,700 metres of climb. Anyway, lovely trip, didn't spot the lid; got out just ahead of the snow front approaching down the lake from the Kingston end.

So if anyone's up on Cecil Peak, and you come across a 1.5m mossy-green frisbee with Kiwitub lettering, do please pinpoint the spot and let me know. We think it fell off not far from the big tarn and in the direction of Jack's Point. It'll be worth at least a crate of Emerson's beer.