Harry's tub with Grandma

Harry's tub with Grandma
Harry Ewing, then aged 10, wanted a Kiwitub. I first heard of him as referred to by his parents Alison and Mark as 'the 10-year old.'

Most impressively, Harry researched his subject, collected the data, laid it before his parents and made a case for the tub. He answered every question and demurral. What could they do? Note for 10-year olds: nagging just puts adults' backs up. Making a reasoned, researched case puts it on an adult-to-adult basis - which has a MUCH better chance of succeeding with reasonable parents. And it's extremely good practice for Life.

(By the way, Mark describes them as living on a "life sentence block", which I think is a great term for it.)

Photo shows Harry, aged 11, and his Grandma in Harry's tub. He says she likes it because she gets properly warm feet.