Kiwitub gas burner makes a brilliant barbecue!

Kiwitub gas burner makes a brilliant barbecue!
The stainless steel gas tube burner comes as standard with the Kiwitub copper and brass main burner, but it's also an asset in its own right.

Put a row of bricks or stones around it, prop a barbecue plate on top, and you've got a brilliant camping barbecue. The Italian LPG gas burner output is 36 kW/hr. - this is a LOT. (A big plug-in electric heater in your home would be about 3 kW/hr.) You have to throttle it right back for cooking or it'll crisp anything you put on the plate.

Cast iron barbecue plates cost about $25 at camping shops or The Warehouse - you can use a piece of corrugated iron for cooking shellfish on the beach. We sell the Kiwitub gas burner on its own for $460.

The gas burner is also ideal for heating a cast iron bath - just slide it underneath and light. It takes about 15-20 minutes to heat the bath water.

Photo shows Nigel's feet and the trout we caught at Lake Sylvan - finally cracked it! Trees all around the lake mean you can't back cast a fly rod, but we trundled in a canoe on some pram wheels and could fish from that.

Nigel's way: rub the fillets with oil, then salt and sugar them. Leave half an hour, cover with lots of chopped fresh coriander, and barbecue. They come out slightly caramelised, and wonderful!
Then retire to hot tub with friends and remaining chilled Sav Blanc.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE:  The gas tube burner is currently unavailable.  We hope to have these available again in early 2024.  Not including it drops the price of the standard full Kiwitub package to $7,300, and the price of the standard main burner alone package to $3,500.  If you send us your contact details we can let you know when they are available again.