The third Lake Alta expedition, 2007

The third Lake Alta expedition, 2007
If I had a tub, and a Kiwitub too,
I shouldn't much care if it froze or snew;
I shouldn't much mind if it snowed or friz -
I'd be all warm in a tub like this.
(Apologies to A.A.Milne.)

Well we did it again - took a tub up the Remarkables to Lake Alta for the mad scuba divers who swim under the ice.

Many thanks to Russell Pierce, secretary of the New Zealand Alpine Club Otago Section. I couldn't have done it without him - including the 4.00a.m. climbing start to snowshoe up to get the tub ready for the divers. Successful day with over 30 divers going down, and back to the tub fast on getting out!

It started snowing as we were packing up - I was tempted to leave the tub overnight as the way it was being covered, the next morning there would have been just a snow mound with a flue sticking up. But I was just too stuffed! Back to Bannockburn and sleep...

Took about two hours to heat the water from zero degrees to bath temperature on gas. That's probably a maximum - anywhere else is easy.