Tubbing in the Maniototo

Tubbing in the Maniototo
The view off the back of Karan and Dave’s farm. The Hawkduns are in the distance and somewhere out there is Guy and Janet’s lovely little hut beside a water race where another Kiwitub is going shortly.

Kiwitub is ideal for farmstays, bed & breakfasts, and farm tourism. There are no running costs until it is filled for use on arrival, and none even then if run it on firewood. Plus it’s clean chemical-free water that no-one else has been in before you. How can you beat a back-country hut, stunning scenery, and a hot tub under the stars?

As New Zealanders, we've grown up with the Southern night sky and are used to it. But for people from the northern hemisphere it's a really big deal.

It's not just the clarity of the atmosphere down here. We live in a galaxy shaped like a dinner plate. We're in the suburbs, about 30mm (1.5 inches) in from the rim. When you look up into the night sky from New Zealand, you're looking across the galaxy. That's what the Milky Way is - our galaxy, edge on.

In the northern hemisphere, when you look up you're looking out into the empty space between the galaxies - and there's just not so much to see. So if you want to make the evening for your northern hemisphere guests, provide them with a waterproof torch and some laminated star charts - and a hot tub.